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Hi and welcome! My name is Dave Tomlinson. I am a travel blogger and writer with a passionate interest in the history and cultures of countries around the world.

For the past ten years I have been backpacking through over 50 countries across five different continents. I’ve done it cheaply, safely and independently. It may sound impressive but quite honestly, if I can do it you can also.

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Travel Made Simple

So you want go backpacking? Maybe you’re on a gap year or want to travel the world on a working holiday. You’ve thought about it, dreamed about it, heard others talking about it, watched television programs and read about it. You really want to get out there and start exploring the world for yourself. But maybe travelling alone makes you feel nervous or apprehensive and don’t know where to start.

Worry no more because you are in the right place! Welcome to Step Ahead Travel - the perfect resource that will help backpackers and independent world travellers to fulfil their dreams. On this site you’ll find a wealth of travel information that will inspire, guide, help and educate you. It will give you the confidence to follow your dreams and turn them into a wonderful reality.


Despite popular belief, travelling the world doesn’t need to be expensive and certainly doesn’t need to be done as part of an organised tour that has been booked in advance by an agent. And it is not for the privileged few. With the required knowledge, it can be done cheaply and easily by everyone, including you!

Step Ahead Travel is your personal travel advisor to provide encouragement to potential backpackers of any age or background. It will show you what an amazing experience budget travel can be and the benefits you’ll enjoy long after returning home. All you need is just a little information to get you started. Come on in and find out just how you can plan and prepare for your very own adventure travel!

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There is a wealth of information available about travel and backpacking. If you are prepared to research long enough, you could probably pull it all together and use it to prepare for your trip. But in all honesty you’d probably end up with too much and become confused by it all.


Travel Unravelled Book

Travel Unravelled

The ultimate guide for seeing the world on any budget

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My book Travel Unravelled is a comprehensive travel guide to every aspect of backpacking, especially if you are on a budget. Information is accurate, up to date and easy to read with clearly defined chapters and subheadings.

Above all, every page will be relevant and important to YOU. The information has been thoroughly researched but more importantly, written from my own experiences. The sound advice and best travel tips are being offered because I know they work and is all you need for the ultimate travel experience.