TRAVEL - it left me speechless and then turned me into a storyteller!

Around the World in 80 Tales: 80 travel stories, 25 countries, five continents and one heck of a ride!

Travel is an amazing experience and I’ve spent years of my life living out of my backpack. Travelling well-beaten tourist trails and exploring to some far corners beyond them. Each journey is an adventure and each adventure gives with a story to tell.

So one day I decided that yes, I would write 80 of my best Travel Stories!

Travel is a kaleidoscope of people, places, events, history, culture, food and fun. Through the pages of my book, I’ll bring it all to life for you. The stories are fascinating, inspiring, amusing and amazing. Some even get a little crazy but all of them are entertaining. Collectively, they are an insight into the wonderful highs and gritty realities of travelling the world on a budget.

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Now, I know there are many travel books out there and you may ask…

What makes this book so special?

A good question that deserves a good answer! There are actually several reasons why Around the World in 80 Tales stands out from other travel books:




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Around the World in 80 Tales books

Why you'll enjoy reading...

    Firstly and perhaps most importantly, when you read a travel story, you want it to be genuine. You don’t want to read some fictional account of something that never happened written by someone who’s never been there! All my stories are completely true and related exactly as they happened. Nothing in my book has been contrived or exaggerated.

    Each of my stories have been intentionally edited to 500 words that all fit neatly onto one page. This has often meant making every word count! The result is that you can enjoy each adventure without having to read anything unnecessary.

    While many travel books are only text, Around the World in 80 Tales is packed with colour photos. With the exception of only a few, they are all photos are my own photography or taken on my own camera. All the images have an explanatory caption with them.

    You want a travel story to be entertaining right? And it would be also nice if you could learn about different places too? Around the World in 80 Tales provides exactly that, page after page! Aside from relating my personal experiences, I’ve also included numerous relevant facts and historical information.

    My stories have been rearranged from the original order they were written in. This was done to create a fascinating journey through a diverse range of travel situations and activities. As the pages turn, you’ll be taken on adventures such as snorkelling in Malaysia to hiking in Nepal and camel riding in Morocco. Enjoy the ride!

But don’t just take my word for it...

Have a look at what other readers have said:

Entertaining inspiration... Quotation mark

Thanks Dave – I really enjoyed reading this book! Your stories are entertaining, informative and also inspirational. You’ve made me remember that travel offers a world of fun and adventure. I think it’s time to get a new passport and consider my next destination.

Vibrant descriptions... Quotation mark

A great read! Dave has done a great job bringing his experiences to life in this book. I loved the vibrant descriptions of what he’s done on his travels. He obviously has a passion for adventure in exotic places and I’m already looking forward to his next 80 tales!


A couple of sample pages

80 Tales story page 80 Tales photos page



Captivating diversity... Quotation mark

Wow…what a diverse travel adventure this book is! From one page to the next, I was captivated by the variety of different things the writer has done in so many places around the world. I also liked the photos that add another colourful dimension to the stories.

Interesting facts... Quotation mark

I love travel books and this is one of the best that I’ve read. The tales are genuine adventures that other travellers can easily relate to. I’ve actually been to a few of the places Dave writes about but learned some interesting facts that I never previously knew.


A summary of Around the World in 80 Tales

By now you'll hopefully have a good idea of what the book offers you as a reader. But let's have a quick look at what you'll receive...

80 Tales books

* Around the World in 80 Tales is also available in Kindle format from the Amazon website for the same great price.
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My Guarantee to You

Money back guarantee

I am confident that you’ll feel completely satisfied with your purchase of my book. However, I understand what it’s like buying a book online. Although you can read descriptions, perhaps see sample pages and read testimonials, you can’t actually see the product itself.

It’s for this reason I’d like to offer you a full money back guarantee for Around the World in 80 Tales. Simply send me a message through the Contact Me page on my website providing the reason for your dissatisfaction and I will refund your money with no further questions.

Purchase Around the World in 80 Tales

Before it was available publicly, I gifted Around the World in 80 Tales to readers who had already purchased my first book Travel Unravelled. In return, I asked them for feedback on the content and value of the book. They told me that they loved the stories and would've been happy to pay up to $15 for them.

While this is a fair price for the time that I’ve spent creating it, I want to share my adventures and experiences at an affordable price. People finding my stories informative, entertaining and inspiring is ultimately worth more to me than anything. Accordingly, I have priced Around the World in 80 Tales at the special price of just $2.99.

Around the World in 80 Tales can be obtained through the Buy Now link below. Payment can be either with a credit card or via your Paypal account. After a successful purchase you will be redirected to a confirmation page where you will be able to download and gain immediate access to the book.

Please Contact Me if you have any questions about the book or purchase procedure.



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A Final Word

I trust that you will enjoy reading Around the World in 80 Tales as much as I enjoyed writing it. Travel photos may be worth a thousand words but they are only a fleeting glimpse into an untold story. I’m delighted I’ve been able to bring these stories to life and that the book includes such a diverse range of adventures, misadventures and other travel experiences.

There have been times when travel has indeed left me speechless – either with wonder or because I can’t speak the local language! But it also turned me into a storyteller and I hope it will inspire you to create your own adventures. Explore, dream and discover. Enjoy all that the world has to offer because twenty years from now, you’ll never regret it!

Happy reading,

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